The Daily Dose: Keep Your Eyesight

Today’s healthy tip: save your eyes. Before reading this article, I was almost 100% positive that my current environment is entirely wrong when it comes to maintaining my sight (virtually no light outside of the computer screen, like two feet away from the screen). However, it turns out that’s about the optimal way to be situated if you’re sitting at a desk and looking at a screen for long periods of time. Too often, however, I come home from work and my eyes feel like they’ve been doing little eye-push-ups all day (as awesome as such a thing sounds, it feels significantly less so). Now I know, there are proper “eye-gonomics” (their word, not mine), and we’re all largely doing them completely wrong. Check them out here.

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Employee wellness programs are becoming a top priority for small businesses, particularly as an investment to reduce costs from reduced productivity. I’ve been telling you all this for a while now, a healthy employee is a happy employee is a productive employee. The math is there, and the profits are adding up for those that have figured it out.

Ladies, it’s official. We guys stay on your minds forever. DNA from male fetuses (feti?) can persist in a woman’s brain throughout her entire life, according to a new study. Even more interesting, women with the most male DNA in the study were less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s. You’re welcome.

Since we’re on the subject of cognitive health, seniors who take more drugs for insomnia and anxiety have an increased likelihood of developing dementia. While the study is not confirming causality (it could be the case that those in the study suffering from insomnia/anxiety may have a stronger risk of dementia to begin with), it’s probably best to just try and avoid these drugs if possible.

Usually, when you see a post about your inbox it’s rattling on about how they are the bane of our existence or whatever. However, a team of researchers has found that checking our email can potentially increase our creativity. The interruption to our work can cause our minds to relax, and expand our views toward an obstacle to conjure up new ideas (and, more importantly, abandon the bad ideas).

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The Daily Dose: The Right Questions

Today’s healthy tip: ask yourself the right question. In first grade, I didn’t want to be an astronaut. I was legitimately terrified of it, in fact – it’s a dangerous job and I was no fool. We were all asked back then what we wanted to be when we grew up, and we all chose pretty much the same stuff (firefighter, ballerina, George Clooney, etc). However, maybe that wasn’t the right question to be asked. Instead, we should ask ourselves who we want to be and what we want to do with our lives. So, stop asking yourself the wrong question, and ask yourself the right ones. Continue reading

The Daily Dose: Breathe In, Breathe Out.

Today’s healthy tip: breathe in, breathe out. Stress is a killer (literally). We each approach it in our everyday lives, with varying degrees of success. While the big names of cardiovascular disease and strokes typically take the spotlight in any health/wellness discussion, many times it’s stress that is the true risk factor causing these issues. Stress comes in all shapes and sizes – but one of the key sources causing stress in everyday American lives comes from the workplace. Luckily for us, there are ways to avoid stressors in the workplace that can all be done right at your desk. For starters, just take a breath. Continue reading

The Daily Dose: Keep The Passion

Today’s healthy tip: keep the passion going. There’s very few phrases that really annoy me, and “burning the candle at both ends” is certainly one of them. Why, you ask? Well, first, who actually uses candles for anything other than making a room smell like pumpkins anymore? Second, if I’m hearing someone say it then it means someone else is in “sacrifice mode” – meaning they are sacrificing time in one place to accomplish something in another place. This can cause someone to burn out and lose their passion, especially as they sacrifice more and more. If you’re coming to the end of your proverbial wick, here’s a pretty good place to start to keep from losing the passion, because we all have to burn the candle from both ends at times (no matter how much we hate it). Continue reading

The Daily Dose: Break Through

Today’s healthy tip: break through. I’m pretty new to writing, which may come as absolutely no surprise to you given my seemingly interchangeable use of words and punctuations at time. As a rookie writer, my creativity gets blocked quite a bit – but that’s a problem that even the pro’s face and it’s definitely not a unique problem to writers only. Individuals in every field find that their creativity or their productivity comes to a standstill. While the book Breakthrough! 90 Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block & Spark Your Imagination is a definitely recommended book, no one has the time to read 90 strategies. Thankfully, The Creativity Post has broken the list into the top ten block breakers. Stuck on a project? Check them out. Continue reading

The Daily Dose: Do Less To Do More

Today’s healthy tip: do more by doing less. Not possible, you say? Well, think again, naysayers. We all suffer from procrastination-driven drops in productivity. The invention of YouTube and the internet made it worse, but it’s been around since probably forever (rough estimate). However, a good way to use procrastination to your advantage is to replace the bad version of it (internet surfing) with a good version of it (like breaking up a long chore into smaller chunks, or reading The Daily Dose!). Just set a timer on your phone for a quick few minutes every hour to do some productive procrastination, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you can get done by doing less. Continue reading

The Daily Dose: Don’t Worry, Be Happy Whenever.

Today’s healthy tip: be happy now. Our moods are largely based on how we perceive our immediate circumstance. Two people thrown into the same pit of snakes can literally see the situation in complete opposites. I, for one, would cry. However, a stronger man may see it as an opportunity to prove himself, or something like that. It’s all about the perception of the situation, which led a guy named Theodore Velten (he’s a Psychologist, so he’s legit) to develop a system to change your perception of any situation – with the goal to lighten your mood and increase your happiness. Take a look at it, and be happier*! Continue reading