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Today’s healthy tip: read these tips. Gold medalist Allyson Felix lives by four simple rules for dieting and exercise. These four rules seem to be helping her out, as she’s won four gold medals, but I would highly recommend taking a glance at them and seeing where you can inject them into your own wellness routine. She did forget one rule, which is to read The Daily Dose on a daily basis. But we’ll let her slide…this time.

To the links

The BBC covers the ban on large sodas in NYC. Personally, I would have preferred a ban on the word “soda”, but we can’t all get what we want (especially if we want large soft drinks in NYC now).

High sodium intake has been a known risk factor for heart disease in adults – particularly for men. However, a new study has widened the scope of riskiness to children and teenagers, with risks amplified by obesity. The quick take away here is that an overload of salt (of which on average children and teens consume 2 teaspoons worth) can and will lead to high blood pressure and potentially coronary disease in adulthood.

Don’t let that last post stress you out too much. When you stress out, your adrenal gland produces cortisol – which can lead to unregulated inflammation in the body (which raises the risk of mortality in heart disease and cancer, and worsens the side effects of diabetes and arthritis)*.

*Feeling stressed after reading that too? Check out this newly discovered monkey and it will lift your spirits.

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