The Daily Dose: Linkshare

Today’s healthy tip: share the links. I definitely enjoy them. Not just because it gives me plenty to talk about in The Daily Dose (such as these on standing instead of sitting following yesterday’s healthy tip – particularly that last one from a website dubbed “The Art of Manliness”), but also because it means you’re reading about the science of everyday life and informing yourself – which is the ultimate goal of this newsletter. So keep them coming!

To the links!

While an Ironman isn’t for everyone, tips on how to overcome the overwhelming feat of endurance can be used in all facets of exercise (or life, really, if you want to get existential with it). Here are some great tips from an Ironman champ to follow before and during a race.

For those of you who refused to give up the neti pot the last time we talked of their dangers, here’s a new one: the use of neti pots has been tied to chronic sinus infections. The culprit is mycobacteria, tiny microorganisms present in tap water that when ingested normally (drinking is really the only “normal” way to ingest water) are largely benign. Once again, basic biology wins out – jamming water into places that water isn’t supposed to go is a bad idea.

Researchers at Cornell University, with the aid of neuroscience, have confirmed what all office workers already know – there is an optimum temperature for productivity in the office. Turns out, when it’s too cold or too hot, our bodies are using too much energy to regulate our own temperature and we are unable to expend energy on the task at hand (hence, lower productivity). The link also dives into some evolutionary stuff about why we relate warmth to happiness, but let’s save that for another day.

Say what you will about the man’s politics (don’t say them to me though, because I already hear enough about it every time I open Twitter), but President Obama is a productivity dynamo (as, by necessity, all presidents are) – and here’s how he does it.

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