The Daily Dose: Break Through

Today’s healthy tip: break through. I’m pretty new to writing, which may come as absolutely no surprise to you given my seemingly interchangeable use of words and punctuations at time. As a rookie writer, my creativity gets blocked quite a bit – but that’s a problem that even the pro’s face and it’s definitely not a unique problem to writers only. Individuals in every field find that their creativity or their productivity comes to a standstill. While the book Breakthrough! 90 Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block & Spark Your Imagination is a definitely recommended book, no one has the time to read 90 strategies. Thankfully, The Creativity Post has broken the list into the top ten block breakers. Stuck on a project? Check them out.

The Links!

In a study that flies completely in the face of any experience ever had while trying to merge on any expressway in any American city during rush hour, human cooperation has been found to be intuitive in nature, but can be undermined if humans think before acting. Even more, cooperation is all around optimal – which means we should probably just start letting those people merge.

I hope you’re not sitting down while reading this, but if you are here are some steps to help you keep the pounds off. If those steps aren’t working, then maybe this will – there’s an imminent bacon shortage on the way (which officially makes this the saddest post ever written in The Daily Dose)

Bacon shortage not bringing you down? It’s probably because you’re a genius (since you’re a subscriber to The Daily Dose, after all) – and a higher IQ has been linked to higher levels of happiness. Know a lot of sad people? Educate them by sending them The Daily Dose to learn upon

American’s are pretty creative. We, as a nation, have always been pretty good at solving problems*. However, the creativity tap (aka, American children) is starting to run dry. The reason for this “creativity crisis”? Less freedom. By increasing the amount of monitoring and direction-giving by adults, we force children to rely less on their own creativity and judgment. Which is a pretty big deal, since creativity at a young age is a heavily-significant predictor of lifetime achievements.

*See: the Segway, the Shakeweight, Cherry Garcia, the Snuggie, etc. The list is pretty much endless.

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