The Daily Dose: Keep The Passion

Today’s healthy tip: keep the passion going. There’s very few phrases that really annoy me, and “burning the candle at both ends” is certainly one of them. Why, you ask? Well, first, who actually uses candles for anything other than making a room smell like pumpkins anymore? Second, if I’m hearing someone say it then it means someone else is in “sacrifice mode” – meaning they are sacrificing time in one place to accomplish something in another place. This can cause someone to burn out and lose their passion, especially as they sacrifice more and more. If you’re coming to the end of your proverbial wick, here’s a pretty good place to start to keep from losing the passion, because we all have to burn the candle from both ends at times (no matter how much we hate it).

The Links!

Bariatric surgery, the kind of surgery aimed at weight loss through banding or gastric bypass, is nothing new. Famous celebs from Al “Weatherman” Roker to Randy “Session Musician for Journey” Jackson (I refuse to attribute his fame to American Idol) have been recipients of the surgery – and proudly tout its benefits. New research backs them up, it seems, as patients who have undergone the surgery are nearly 80% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes relative to their counterparts who undergo dietary counseling and exercise.

Pets are starting to look a lot like their owners, but not in the funny way. Obesity, heart disease, and cancer are just a few of the diseases that we are beginning to share with our pets at an unsettling pace. In fact, vets and doctors have begun to take notice at the common risk factors shared by humans and animals alike – and it’s looking a lot like a canary in a coalmine.

Brains are sexist. In a new study from Yale, female applicants for positions within a research laboratory were judged as less competent than males – despite their identical educational background. Even more surprisingly, the gender of those judging the applicants didn’t matter – women were as sexist as the men. The researchers suggest culture, but I suggest it is just nerds being awkward nerds.

Health and wellness just got a lot fancier. Pulse by Electricfoxy has a goal to bridge the gap between “I want to be healthy” and “I want to look cool”. The ring, teamed up with an iPhone app, will measure and track your pulse and heart rate – and the ring will even glow and vibrate when you’re outside of a desired range. This is the coolest exercise accessory since kinesio tape*.

*Completely kidding, that stuff is ridiculous.

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