The Daily Dose: The Right Questions

Today’s healthy tip: ask yourself the right question. In first grade, I didn’t want to be an astronaut. I was legitimately terrified of it, in fact – it’s a dangerous job and I was no fool. We were all asked back then what we wanted to be when we grew up, and we all chose pretty much the same stuff (firefighter, ballerina, George Clooney, etc). However, maybe that wasn’t the right question to be asked. Instead, we should ask ourselves who we want to be and what we want to do with our lives. So, stop asking yourself the wrong question, and ask yourself the right ones.

The Links!

As a rookie at this writing thing, I find pro-tips about it pretty interesting. For instance, Joel Gascoigne at Lifehacker breaks down five realizations that helped him write more regularly. I imagine there are a lot of parallels to this list that can be drawn to help you do anything more frequently that you’ve been putting off. The one that caught my eye the most was not to get hung up on research, which is what normally hangs me up the most in just about everything*.

It’s time to start freaking out again, as a new “Sars-like” virus has been identified in the Middle East. As of yet, there are no travel restrictions and there has been no confirmation that the virus spreads from human-to-human. Still, probably best to break out the masks.

Being awesome is now scientifically proven to be good for your well-being. New research shows that being in a state of awe can increase our sense of time-availability (being inspired by the vastness of a concept actually forces your mindset to adjust), which causes us to spend our time more generously (which, in turn, makes us feel happier).

In a new study from Stanford, researchers found that you can actually become smarter by simply thinking that you can. People with “growth” mindsets (those that think it’s possible to become smarter) focused more on mastering concepts and were more adaptive. Tack on “neuroscientist” to Henry Ford’s profile, please.

*Since reading this, I’ve relied much less on Wikipedia for The Daily Dose and performed only a few dozen Google searches for this post alone.

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